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Husband, father, inline skater, cycling and triathlon athlete and sometimes coach, graduate civil engineer, commercial and residential and commercial Broker Realtor® working in Ellum, Expo Park, Munger, Peak Suburban, PD 98, PD 269, Swiss Avenue, Baylor PD, all of in-town east Dallas, former home building land acquisitions executive, home builder, home designer (chief architect X3 design solutions), LEED Green Associate (GA), NAHB Green Professional (CGP), NAHB Graduate Builder (CGB), Universal Design and Accessability student and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Advanced Historic Home Specialist certified by Preservation Dallas..........EdgyDad is Biff Bailey of Dallas, Texas

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Vegpresso and other Vigano Pot and Gasket Info

Captured for future reference. I burned up the gasket the other day.

Last Update: 2014-05-10 14:45:19

Click here to view other available stovetop espresso maker parts Table 1: Vev Vigano Gasket Dimensions Gasket Part # Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Thickness Pot Size Fitment Applications VEV-GAS-702 2" 1-1/2" 1/8" 1/2 cup All Vev Vigano stainless steel pots VEV-GAS-704 2-17/32" 1-31/32" 1/8" 3/4 cup VEV-GAS-706 2-15/16" 2-3/16" 1/8" 6 cup VEV-GAS-712 3-9/16" 2-29/32" 1/8" 12/14 cup Table 2: Gasket Part Numbers for Common Vev Vigano Espresso Makers Image Model Gasket Part # Vev Vigano Arte VEV-GAS-704 (3/4 cup) VEV-GAS-706 (6 cup) Vev Vigano Carioca VEV-GAS-704 (3/4 cup) VEV-GAS-706 (6 cup) Vev Vigano Itaca VEV-GAS-702 (1/2 cup) VEV-GAS-704 (3/4 cup) VEV-GAS-706 (6 cup) VEV-GAS-712 (12/14 cup) Vev Vigano Klassica VEV-GAS-704 (3/4 cup) VEV-GAS-706 (6 cup) VEV-GAS-712 (12/14 cup) Vev Vigano Kontessa VEV-GAS-702 (1/2 cup) VEV-GAS-704 (3/4 cup) VEV-GAS-706 (6 cup) VEV-GAS-712 (12/14 cup) Vev Vigano Vespress VEV-GAS-702 (1/2 cup) VEV-GAS-704 (3/4 cup) VEV-GAS-706 (6 cup) VEV-GAS-712 (12/14 cup)

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