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Husband, father, inline skater, cycling and triathlon athlete and sometimes coach, graduate civil engineer, commercial and residential and commercial Broker Realtor® working in Ellum, Expo Park, Munger, Peak Suburban, PD 98, PD 269, Swiss Avenue, Baylor PD, all of in-town east Dallas, former home building land acquisitions executive, home builder, home designer (chief architect X3 design solutions), LEED Green Associate (GA), NAHB Green Professional (CGP), NAHB Graduate Builder (CGB), Universal Design and Accessability student and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Advanced Historic Home Specialist certified by Preservation Dallas..........EdgyDad is Biff Bailey of Dallas, Texas

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Swim Plan 2014

Building on 10 x 50 HARD workouts from clinical teaching days with moderate and easy days. Should still go with LSDs and be careful with the kick. Being over analyzer it is typically easy to maintain focus.

Last Update: 2014-02-18 20:27:59


Use warm-up and cooldown to drill and work on technique. The main set will vary based upon the purpose of the particular workout and the phase in your training cycle - easy, moderate/tempo and hard/interval days.


Warm-up: 10x50 [25 swim, 25 drill] (10 seconds rest after each 50)
Main Set: Swim easy 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 (20 seconds rest after each) – Focus on form
Cooldown: 4x75 [1 & 3 drill, 2 & 4 swim] (10 seconds rest after each)
TOTAL: 2,600

Swim slowly, promote good form and proper technique. Maintain focus.

Easy should be at least 10 seconds slower than race pace.


Warm-up: 2x[200 swim, 100 drill, 100 kick] (10 seconds rest after each)
Main Set: 2x[100 / 200 / 300] swim at race pace (20 seconds rest after each)
Cooldown: 4x100 [50 drill, 50 swim] (10 seconds rest after each 100)
TOTAL: 2,400

Do 500-yard or 1,000-yard time trial (TT) and taking your average 100-yard pace. Swim hard duration of the TT. Do this every five to seven weeks.


Warm-up: 200 swim, 2x[50 drill (:15), 50 kick (:15), 50 drill (:15)], 200 swim
Main Set: 3x100 (rest*), 6x50 (rest), 12x25 (rest)
Cooldown: 8x50 [25 drill, 25 EZ] (10 seconds rest after each 50)
TOTAL: 2,000

Hard means HARD. Noticeably faster than race pace. Rest time equal to the amount of time it takes to complete the distance. (i.e. swim 50 yards in 45 seconds, rest for 45 seconds)

3. Frequency is Key

Three times a week is OK, but try for some four or five workout weeks.

It is not necessarily important to swim for 75-90 minutes each time. Although more time and more yardage in the pool will certainly lead to results, it’s important that swimming does not become a dreaded chore. So how much time should you spend in the water each time you swim? The answer to this question depends upon your time constraints for that day/week. 20 or 30 minutes, is fine, but 45-60 minutes is perfect. Anything is better than nothing. Extra time, go for longer, but don’t overdo it. Getting in the water frequently and don’t go several days between each swim.

4. Muscle memory, repetition and comfort in the water.

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