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Husband, father, inline skater, cycling and triathlon athlete and sometimes coach, graduate civil engineer, commercial and residential and commercial Broker Realtor® working in Ellum, Expo Park, Munger, Peak Suburban, PD 98, PD 269, Swiss Avenue, Baylor PD, all of in-town east Dallas, former home building land acquisitions executive, home builder, home designer (chief architect X3 design solutions), LEED Green Associate (GA), NAHB Green Professional (CGP), NAHB Graduate Builder (CGB), Universal Design and Accessability student and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Advanced Historic Home Specialist certified by Preservation Dallas..........EdgyDad is Biff Bailey of Dallas, Texas

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SMS and Twitter Lingo

Collected some links to twitter and sms lingo and abbreviations. Updated 2 include reserved and special characters link for writing posts and <a href="http://tinyurl.com/3g5asox">a good link.</a> #post#

Last Update: 2011-06-15 17:16:36

First a link to w3schools html tag reference. Which I'll need to refresh my memory as I write a post.

Webopedia's Twitter Dictionary Pretty good and comprehensive as to Twitter. Brief takeaway: "yoyo" means "your on your own". Good to remember if @jeffswaney should send me that one when we're talking about a deal.

ThinkBrief Cool for SMS. Wonder what is the crossover to twitter? Takeaway this one "YBS" also good to remember should someone be referring to a restaurant. Example: If you eat at sushi at Bonsai Bistro in Coeur d'Alene YBS, I sure was." (Sorry Bonsai food poisoning sucks.....)

There's a automatic shortener "twonvert" but I'm not even putting the link you may be tempted to give it your twitter password. I'm not going to be responsible for that!. It won't let you copy the converted text so it's really tempting. Search it up yourself if you like. MayB YBS. Here's what it did to the above "Au2matic shortener "2nvert" I'm not even putting link. u may B tempted 2 give it ur twitter password. I'm not going 2 B responsible 4 dat!" Notice it didn't leave the quoted work alone, missed a great opp to shorten passwork to ...... anyone? ....... buhler?........ PW. I think I can live W/O Twonvert. (BTW those are not in the ThinkBrief list.

NoSlang.com LAME but maybe useful for parents.

UPDATED to include a link to w3schools reserved and special characters reference. Which I'll also need to refresh my memory as I write b/c (got that one ThinkBrief?) a lot of material comes from Texas A"'&'"M which, contrary to the theme here, just caused me to type 29 characters to get 5.

And one more thing I need to remember - embed tags in article descriptions so they don't invalidate the XML RSS feed, the tag will get though to Twitter, Facebook, but this will make the blog description look funny. Whatever:

XML has the following entity references: & (& or "ampersand") < (< or "less than") > (> or "greater than") ' (' or "apostrophe") " (" or "quotation mark") You would use those codes in lieu of the characters in your feed. The html tags that use these characters are parsed by the system displaying the feed.

That's all I got. Maybe enough to get by, maybe not. After all I'm in real estate, we got our own lingo.

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